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In this era of benign tolerance and still-rampant homophobia, a little righteous push-back can seem like an powerful shove of resistance. 

On Mother’s Day, a wacky “protester” holding up a sign that read, “Thank your mom today for not being gay” was slushied (thank you TV series Glee for making that a verb) by another woman who also gave her the finger.  As a lesbian mother, I would like to suggest we initiate the Slush the Bigots campaign, designed to thoroughly drench homophobes in the sickly sweet juices of their own hatred.  Like the glitter bombs of queer days of yore, Slushie slings can serve as a icy cold wake up call to remind us all of the persistence of anti-gay hatred and the resistance to it.  Or better yet, we can virtually slush back and mercilessly mock the tired double standards and stereotypes that continue to plague us.  More kissing, more slushing, more mockery: gay pride 2014.


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