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Hetereosexuals, get a grip.  Chill out.  Calm down.  Take a drink.  Get a life.  Most of all, grow up and get over your schoolyard homophobia.  The brouhaha over the celebratory kiss NFL draft pick Michael Sam bestowed on his honey is both sad and predictable.  The blogosphere and twitterati have their knickers in a knot over The Kiss, once again reminding us that anti-gay animus is hardly a remnant of the past.  In our new cleaned up gay marrying world, we tend to buy into a fantasy of victory and progress over venal homophobia.  But both the coming out of Michael Sam (which was greeted with a media frenzy worthy of, well, an actual meaningful event) and the recent kiss he shared upon learning of his draft pick, are evidence of a revolution seriously stalled.  While much support was tweeted (and, really, isn’t it silly to have to “support” a kiss?), just as much disgust and hatred was expressed, trotting out the old canards about the harm to “the children” if they should witness such a scary meeting of the lips.

So here we are in 2014:  “tolerating” the queers as long as they get married and shut up, and leave any display of their affection out of the public eye.  The old double standards (heteros seem to kiss in public all the time….) and desires to keep queerness both tamed and locked up behind closet doors (“what you do in private is fine, just don’t make me see it”) show no signs of abating.  Perhaps we need to bring back the days of queer kiss-ins.  Or maybe we could just declare a moratorium on all public displays of affection, particularly those heterosexuals who keep shoving their love down our throats.

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